Selecting the alternative Template Object

Plugin Options - a FlexForm

The way you select an alternative template is by selecting the template object in the plugin options which are rendered by the standard flexform element for plugins:


For those interested this form is generated by the “flexform_ds.xml” configuration in the “mininews” extension:

                                                        AND tx_templavoilaplus_tmplobj.datastructure="EXT:mininews/template_datastructure.xml"
                                                        AND tx_templavoilaplus_tmplobj.parent=0
                                                        ORDER BY tx_templavoilaplus_tmplobj.title

Further “mininews” enables the configuration by setting these lines in the “ext_tables.php”

t3lib_extMgm::addPiFlexFormValue($_EXTKEY.'_pi1', 'FILE:EXT:mininews/flexform_ds.xml');

This is in fact all you have to do to select an alternative template. Of course the question is - what is a Template Object and how to we create one? This is answered next.