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Getting the value of the Plugin FlexForm field

In the mininews plugin class we first need to detect if a Template Object record is pointed at and if so make sure it is used.

Detecting the Template Object (TO) record

In the “mininews/pi1/class.tx_mininews_pi1.php” file the class contains these two variables:

    // TemplaVoilà! Plus specific:
var $TA='';                    // If TemplaVoilà! Plus is used and a TO record is found, this array will be loaded with Template Array.
var $TMPLobj='';            // Template Object

Later, in the listView function you find this initialization which detects the record. Comments below

 1: function listView($content,$conf)    {
 3:         // Init FlexForm configuration for plugin:
 4:     $this->pi_initPIflexForm();
 6:         // Looking for TemplaVoilà! Plus TO record and if found, initialize template object:
 7:     if (t3lib_extMgm::isLoaded('templavoilaplus'))    {
 8:         $field_templateObject = $this->pi_getFFvalue($this->cObj->data['pi_flexform'],'field_templateObject');
 9:         if ((int)$field_templateObject)    {
10:             $this->TMPLobj = t3lib_div::makeInstance(\Ppi\TemplaVoilaPlus\Domain\Model\HtmlMarkup::class);
11:             $this->TA = $this->TMPLobj->getTemplateArrayForTO((int)$field_templateObject);
12:             if (is_array($this->TA))    {
13:                 $this->TMPLobj->setHeaderBodyParts($this->TMPLobj->tDat['MappingInfo_head'],$this->TMPLobj->tDat['MappingData_head_cached']);
14:             }
15:         }
16:     }
  • Line 4 initializes the “pi_flexform” field in $this->cObj->data. This will convert the field from being a string with the XML data to being an array with the same XML converted to PHP array by t3lib_div::xml2array()
  • Line 7 checks if TemplaVoilà! Plus is loaded -which it must be of course!
  • Line 8 requests the value of “field_templateObject” in the FlexForm content of “pi_flexform”
  • Line 9 sees in that value is an integer - which means it points to a Template Object record “uid”
  • In line 10 we create an instance of the “PpiTemplaVoilaPlusDomainModelHtmlMarkup::class” class which will be our API for merging our data from mininews with the template from the Template Object record.
  • Line 11 loads the Template Array from the TO pointed to by $field_templateObject.
  • Line 12 checks if the Template Array was set - this is the case if there was mapping information found in the TO.
  • Line 13 will set possible header sections if any should be defined in the TO.

Now, in the rest of the mininews class we can just check if $this->TA is an array and if so use TemplaVoilà! Plus API for merging data and template. This is shown next.

Merging Data with Template markup

In order to not make this too lengthy I will just cut out some examples.

Repeated list rows

The first example is how to accumulate content for list rows. This is basically done by a loop, traversing over the elements and for each iteration calling an API function in TemplaVoilà Plus with two arguments, the appropriate part of the ->TA variable (Template Array = cached template markup) and an array with the mininews data.

 1:     // Create list of elements:
 2: $elements='';
 3: while($this->internal['currentRow'] = mysql_fetch_assoc($res))    {
 4:     $elements.=$this->TMPLobj->mergeDataArrayToTemplateArray(
 5:         $this->TA['sub']['sArchive']['sub']['field_archiveListing']['sub']['element_even'],
 6:         array(
 7:             'field_date' => $this->getFieldContent('datetime'),
 8:             'field_header' => $this->pi_list_linkSingle($this->getFieldContent('title'),$this->internal['currentRow']['uid'],1),
 9:             'field_teaser' => nl2br(trim(t3lib_div::fixed_lgd($this->getFieldContent('teaser_list'),$this->conf['frontPage.']['teaserLgd'])))
10:         )
11:     );
12: }

In this listing you can see that the array with data from mininews has three keys, “field_date”, “field_header” and “field_teaser”. These corresponds with three elements found in the Data Structure XML for the “ARCHIVE LISTING” template:

10:                   <field_archiveListing>
11:                           <type>array</type>
12:                           <section>1</section>
13:                           <tx_templavoilaplus>
14:                                   <title>Archive Listing container</title>
15:                                   <description></description>
16:                                   <tags>div,table:inner</tags>
17:                           </tx_templavoilaplus>
18:                           <el>
19:                                   <element_even>
20:                                           <type>array</type>
21:                                           <tx_templavoilaplus>
22:                                                   <title>Element Container, Even</title>
23:                                                   <description></description>
24:                                                   <tags>*:outer</tags>
25:                                           </tx_templavoilaplus>
26:                                           <el>
27:                                                   <field_date>
28:                                                           <tx_templavoilaplus>
29:                                                                   <title>Date</title>
30:                                                                   <description>News date</description>
31:                                                                   <tags>*:inner</tags>
32:                                                                   <sample_data>
33:                                                                           <n0>6th August 10:34</n0>
34:                                                                           <n1>29/12 2003</n1>
35:                                                                   </sample_data>
36:                                                           </tx_templavoilaplus>
37:                                                   </field_date>
38:                                                   <field_header>
39:                                                           <tx_templavoilaplus>
40:                                                                   <title>Header</title>
41:                                                                   <description>Header field.</description>
42:                                                                   <tags>*:inner</tags>
43:                                                                   <sample_data>
44:                                                                           <n0>People on mars!</n0>
45:                                                                           <n1>Snow in Sydney</n1>
46:                                                                   </sample_data>
47:                                                           </tx_templavoilaplus>
48:                                                   </field_header>
49:                                                   <field_teaser>
50:                                                           <tx_templavoilaplus>
51:                                                                   <title>Teaser</title>
52:                                                                   <description>Teaser field.</description>
53:                                                                   <tags>*:inner</tags>
54:                                                                   <sample_data>
55:                                                                           <n0>Capthurim Chanaan vero genuit Sidonem primogenitum et Heth Iebuseum quoque </n0>
56:                                                                   </sample_data>
57:                                                           </tx_templavoilaplus>
58:                                                   </field_teaser>

This is a part of the Data Structure which is nested inside of


I point this out because you can see the logic of the variable


in the code listing from this. Basically, if you substitute “sub” with “el” you can almost read that this variable will contain the markup for



Putting it all together

After having accumulated the list rows (and some other stuff) the values on the outer levels are also composed into a similar API call whose output is finally returned:

 1:     // Wrap the elements in their containers:
 2: $out = $this->TMPLobj->mergeDataArrayToTemplateArray(
 3:         $this->TA['sub']['sArchive'],
 4:         array(
 5:             'field_archiveListing' => $elements,
 6:             'field_browseBox_cellsContainer' => $br_elements,
 7:             'field_searchBox_sword' => htmlspecialchars($this->piVars['sword']),
 8:             'field_searchBox_submitUrl' => htmlspecialchars(t3lib_div::getIndpEnv('REQUEST_URI')),
 9:             'field_browseBox_displayRange' => $rangeLabel,
10:             'field_browseBox_displayCount' => $this->internal['res_count']
11:         )
12:     );
14: return $out;

This time you will see that the accumulated content of the list rows ($elements) is added to the key “field_archiveListing”. For all the other fields you can look them up in the DS as well:

 106:                   <!--
 107:                           Defining mappings for the search box:
 108:                   -->
 109:                   <field_searchBox_submitUrl>
 110:                           <type>attr</type>
 111:                           <tx_templavoilaplus>
 112:                                   <title>Search form action</title>
 113:                                   <description>URL of the news-search; Map to the action-attribute of the search form.</description>
 114:                                   <tags>form:attr:action</tags>
 115:                                   <sample_data>
 116:                                           <n0>javascript:alert('Hello, you pressed the search button!');return false;</n0>
 117:                                   </sample_data>
 118:                           </tx_templavoilaplus>
 119:                   </field_searchBox_submitUrl>
 120:                   <field_searchBox_sword>
 121:                           <type>attr</type>
 122:                           <tx_templavoilaplus>
 123:                                   <title>Search word field</title>
 124:                                   <description>Search word; Map to the forms input-fields value-attribute.</description>
 125:                                   <tags>input:attr:value</tags>
 126:                                   <sample_data>
 127:                                           <n0>Strawberry Jam</n0>
 128:                                           <n1>Jack Daniels</n1>
 129:                                           <n2>Flowers</n2>
 130:                                   </sample_data>
 131:                           </tx_templavoilaplus>
 132:                   </field_searchBox_sword>
 134:                   <!--
 135:                           Defining mappings for the browse box, display note:
 136:                   -->
 137:                   <field_browseBox_displayRange>
 138:                           <tx_templavoilaplus>
 139:                                   <title>Range</title>
 140:                                   <description>Map to position where "x-y" should be outputted (showing which records are displayed)</description>
 141:                                   <tags>*:inner</tags>
 142:                                   <sample_data>
 143:                                           <n0>1-10</n0>
 144:                                           <n1>20 to 30</n1>
 145:                                   </sample_data>
 146:                           </tx_templavoilaplus>
 147:                   </field_browseBox_displayRange>
 148:                   <field_browseBox_displayCount>
 149:                           <tx_templavoilaplus>
 150:                                   <title>Count</title>
 151:                                   <description>Map to position where the total number of found records should be outputted.</description>
 152:                                   <tags>*:inner</tags>
 153:                                   <sample_data>
 154:                                           <n0>123</n0>
 155:                                           <n1>3402</n1>
 156:                                   </sample_data>
 157:                           </tx_templavoilaplus>
 158:                   </field_browseBox_displayCount>

Thats all!