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img-1 img-2 TH_Feedback

Extension Key: th_feedback

Language: en

Version: 0.0.3

Keywords: feedback, ajax, statistics, comments

Copyright 2006-2012, Akin Ajewole, <>

The content of this document is related to TYPO3

- a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from

Table of Contents

`TH_Feedback 1 <#__RefHeading__5708_1738894311>`_

`Introduction 3 <#__RefHeading__5710_1738894311>`_

`Screenshots 4 <#__RefHeading__830_1163352630>`_

`Users manual 5 <#__RefHeading__467_413120346>`_

`Statistics 6 <#__RefHeading__31511_818911409>`_

`Configuration 7 <#__RefHeading__31515_818911409>`_

`Known problems 8 <#__RefHeading__31525_818911409>`_

`To-Do list 9 <#__RefHeading__477_413120346>`_

`ChangeLog 10 <#__RefHeading__31623_818911409>`_


What does it do?

This extension provides an ajax based feedback form. Options include “Yes / No / Yes, but.. comment”. When i saw this feedback form the first time on the internet, i knew that's what i wanted for my web projects. so why not make one for TYPO. Enjoy :).


  • Ajax based formNo page reloading when submitting the feedback, the future of web
  • Form validationSimple check that no empty comments are sent
  • Duplicate entry checkPrevents duplicate entries by the same ip
  • CSS themesWhite, White Classic, White Solid, Silver, Red, Green, Blue, Beige, Pink
  • Multilanguage supportIncluded: English, German - extensible via locallang.xml
  • Custom hover areaDefault hover area is the basic form - a second custom area can be defined via class-attribute (“feedback_area”')
  • Animation optionsYes/no - if the form should fade-in on mouseover or always be visible
  • StatisticsStatistics are displayed in the backend module in the user section (incl. time filter)


  • You will need jQuery 1.7.1 or later to make sure everything is working
  • Developed and tested with typo3 4.5.20


img-3 img-4 img-5 The form opens when “Yes, but..” is clicked. A comment can be delivered.

Users manual

Just insert the plugin via TS like: subparts.TH_FEEDBACK < plugin.tx_thfeedback_pi1 And in the html insert the subpart marker <!--###TH_FEEDBACK###begin--><!--###TH_FEEDBACK###end-->


In the backend in the “User Tools” section you will find the “TH- Feedback” menu item. It gives you statistics for the website feedback.

Statistics features

  • Top pages (sorted by “most comments”)
  • Time filter with calendar
  • Display comments for a page

img-6 Configuration -------------

You will find a configuration file “ th_config.php ” in the root folder of the extension.Following options $config_css (choose your design theme) options : white, whiteclassic, whitesolid, silver, blue, green, red, beige, pink, custom_1, custom_2, custom_3

  • use any given color theme (white, etc.)

  • use your own color theme (custom_1, etc.)note: the buttons are provided by - for custom buttons just go to their website and create your own new styles

  • $config_animate_form (hide / unhide animation) options : yes, no

  • yes: the form will initially be invisible. only a placeholder text “Feedback” is displayed and when hovered over one of the hover-areas (form, custom-area) the form will fade-in

  • no: the form will constantly be displayed (no fade-in animation on hover)

    $config_custom_hoverarea optons : yes, no

  • yes: when using your own custom hover area as described below

  • no: no custom hover used (in this case hover works only on the form itself)

  • IMPORTANT : only set $config_custom_hoverarea to "yes" if you intend to insert a custom hover with "<div class="feedback_area"> ... content ... </div> in your page, or it will not work. See an exemple below:

<div class="feedback_area"><!--###CONTENT###begin--><!--###CONTENT### end--><!--###TH_FEEDBACK###begin--><!--###TH_FEEDBACK###end--></div>

locallang.xml (change all the interface contents)

Known problems

  • BE-Statistics: GMT time is not built-in
  • BE-Statistics: Translation-Overlay for page titles is not built-in (default language is used)

If you find any bugs please report to dev ( at)

To-Do list

  • db: change all sql queries to typo3 dbal
  • feature: possibility to vote single content blocks or entire pages
  • date: add GMT in date functions
  • translation: add translation overlay in statistics page titles

© thanks to (css buttons)

© thanks to http:// (ext icon)






Ajax: fixed embarrassing absolute path bug (now it runs just fine)





PHP: fixed db connections

Date-time: fixed date-time selection in statistics

Ajax: fixed ajax through the use of eID





Initial upload of extension