This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.


Possible subsections: there are 2 TypoScripts. One for TYPO3 6 and one for TYPO3 7/8. Short reference of TypoScript options for plugin.*tx_tinyaccordion (there are some more settings available):


view.templateRootPath or view.templateRootPaths

Data type



Path to the template file. Note: the templates must be in a subfolder named “Selection”!




plugin.tx_tinyaccordion {
      view {
              templateRootPaths {
                      0 = EXT:tinyaccordion/Resources/Private/Templates/
                      1 = fileadmin/Resources/tinyaccordion/templates/

If you want to change the styles: copy them from the TypoScript-file (Configuration/TypoScript/setup.txt) to your own css-file and remove the default-styles:

plugin.tx_tinyaccordion._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >

Note: the default JavaScript-file is included like this in the templates via a new ViewHelper:

{namespace tiny=Quizpalme\Tinyaccordion\ViewHelpers}
<tiny:addPublicResources path="EXT:tinyaccordion/Resources/Public/Scripts/packed.js"></tiny:addPublicResources>

If this doesn´t work or if you want to include another JavaScript- file, copy the JavaScript-file to your fileadmin-folder and remove the default JavaScript and include your own JavaScript via TypoScript like this:

page.includeJS.tx_tinyaccordion = fileadmin/templates/Scripts/tinyaccordion.js

There are more settings:


They are used e.g. in the News.html and Camaliga.html template.


Here you can see how you can use another HTML-file (Selection/News.html or Selection/Content.html in that folder). Changes the default template folder in the Constants:

plugin.tx_tinyaccordion.view.templateRootPath = fileadmin/template/tinyaccordion/

This second example shows you, how you can use the jQuery UI Accordion instead of the TinyAccordion. Remove the default styles:

plugin.tx_tinyaccordion._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >

If you want to edit the template, copy the example-file (Resources/Private/Templates/Selection/News- ui-accordion.html) to your fileadmin-folder in a folder named “Selection”, edit it and include it like this in TypoScript Setup:

plugin.tx_tinyaccordion.view.templateRootPaths.1 = fileadmin/template/files/

Note: the path to the file is then like this: fileadmin/template/files/Selection/News-ui-accordion.html

Note furthermore: you need to include jQuery UI Accordion by your own.