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EXT: tinymce_languages

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EXT: tinymce_languages

Extension Key: tinymce_languages

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Introduction 1

What does it do? 1


What does it do?

This Extension just includes all Languages files available on .

Currently only used by tinymce_rte but could be used by any other TinyMCE port.

Create you own extension with just the languages you want

  • create an extension with the kickstarter (only set General info and the extension key)
  • create a folder “tiny_mce” in the root of the extension
  • head over to the language link posted above and download the things you want
  • just copy all the files in the tiny_mce folder
  • configure your rte to use the new extension or add the following in your extension



if (!defined ("TYPO3_MODE")) die ("Access denied.");

// allow the extension to be used automatically by tinymce_rte


RTE.pageLoad.languagesExtension = tinymce_languages

RTE.default.languagesExtension = tinymce_languages



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