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EXT: Payment Transactor API

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Keywords:forDevelopers, forBeginners
Author:Franz Holzinger

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Extension Key: transactor

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Version: 0.3.0

Keywords: forDevelopers, forBeginners

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What does it do?

This extension provides a basic API on which developers can write their own payment extensions. It covers a calling of the gateway and a final check if the payment is successful. This can be done in different ways. The transactor API is intended to cover all possible ways. Then only the specific differences need to be implemented in the gateway specific extensions which shall have the extension keys in the format ‘transactor_ myextensionkey ‘. Insert your extension key after the underline character (‘_’).

This extension’s EM configuration will be available in all specific extensions.

TYPO3 extensions will simply call the transactor API’s php code. The setup of these extensions will determine which specific gateway extension will finally be called.

Currently tt_products supports the transactor API.


This extension is only a programmer’s API. It provides only a partly output which is returned to the calling extension.

Users manual

The user installs tha transactor API extension. Then he must open the EM configuration and confirm the default settings.


  • Why is there a second payment extension? I have formerly used the Payment Library.The code of the Payment Library until version 0.3.0 contained a lot of bugs, and the development of it seemed to have completely stopped. Therefore I decided to start with a fork and make all necessary bug fixes there. The first version of the Payment Transactor API is a rewrite of the Payment Library. Many code lines have been removed. A lot of code lines have been taken from the paymentlib_paypal extension, in order to make the amount of code for the extension transactor_paypal much smaller and the job for the extension programmers easier. And other improvements in the setup and initialization have been made.
  • Where can I get help for my user or developer questions?Use the forum at to ask questions under “Payment Transactor API” or report errors. You need to create your account at .


You can configure this extension in the Extension Manager.

At the moment it contains the names of fields which are in the basket and shall be transmitted to PayPal. This is due to future change. Almost everything shall be made configurable.

Copy the file ‘template/transactor.tmpl’ of the transactor extension into your fileadmin folder. The set the setup accordingly (see your application extension’s manual).






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