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wt_cart for tt_news


Extension Key: ttnews_wtcart, version 0.2.0, 2013-05-16

Language: en

Keywords: cart, shopping cart, e-commerce, checkout, tt_news

Copyright: 2010-2013, wt-cart Development Team <>

This document is published under the Open Content License available from

The content of this document is related to TYPO3

- a GNU/GPL CMS/Framework available from

Table of Contents

wt_cart for tt_news 1

`Introduction 3 <#1.1.Introduction|outline>`_

What does it do? 3

What do you need? 3

wt_cart Development Team 3

Supporters and Sponsors 3

Screenshots 4

`Users manual 5 <#1.2.Users%20manual|outline>`_

`Administration 6 <#1.3.Administration|outline>`_

Install ttnews_wtcart with Extension Manager 6

Include Static Template 6

Configure constants of wt_cart 6

TypoScript Constants 6

`Known problems 7 <#1.4.Known%20problems|outline>`_

`To-Do list 8 <#1.5.To-Do%20list|outline>`_

ToDo 8

Bugfixes 8

Features 8

Feature Request 8

`ChangeLog 9 <#1.6.ChangeLog|outline>`_


What does it do?

  • ttnews_wtcart is a small extension which adds some new fields to tt_news. On the new tab “Product data” you can add price and tax information, enter a SKU and decide whether to display this article as product or not. This enables you to “transform” your tt_news items to products which can be checked out with the help of wt_cart.
  • Furthermore the extension configures tt_news and comes with an own HTML template. The HTML template is based on the default tt_news template and includes markers for the “add to cart” form and the net price, gross price and vat.
  • The extension assumes that you're using wt_cart as shopping cart and powermail for checkout.

What do you need?

  • Some experience in TypoScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Experience in setting up tt_news, wt_cart and powermail.
  • TYPO3 4.5.x and higher.
  • wt_cart 2.0.0 and higher.

wt_cart Development Team

The following people and companies are currently part of the wt_cart development team:

  • UG, Daniel Lorenz (Leader) –
  • TRITUM GmbH, Björn Jacob (Co-Leader), Sebastian Wagner, Ralf Zimmermann –

In the past the following people we part of the wt_cart development team:

  • in2code, Alexander Kellner –
  • Die Netzmacher, Dirk Wildt –

Supporters and Sponsors

We would like to say thank you to our supporters and sponsors:


Do you have this extension up and running and want to show it? Please send an email with your screenshot and some additional information to .

See a live and working example at http://www.verlag-

img-4 Example of ttnews_wtcart together with tt_news

Users manual

This module adds a new tab “Product data” to your tt_news record. Just create a new tt_news entry or edit an existing one. The picture below shows the new fields which are added by ttnews_wtcart.

You can decide whether to display the news entry as product or not. If you do not tick the checkbox no price information and “add to cart” form will be displayed. By default the checkbox is not active .

You can enter the gross price, select if a normal or reduced value added tax (V.A.T.) applies and add a SKU (stock keeping unit).

The shopping cart extension wt_cart will handle the values, i.e. you don't have to set up anything in ttnews_wtcart. After saving the product and refreshing the cache the new fields will be displayed in the frontend.

img-5 tt_news tab "Product data"


Install ttnews_wtcartwith Extension Manager

Open the extension manager, download the extension “ttnews_wtcart” and install it. If you haven't already installed tt_news and wt_cart (which depends on powermail) you'll be asked to do it during the installation process of wt_cart.

There are no additional settings you can change within the extension manager.

Include Static Template

Create a new extension template (TypoScript) or edit an existing one and include the static template of ttnews_wtcart. The static template configures wt_cart and tt_news for ttnews_wtcart. For tt_news the template file is changed to the included one of ttnews_wtcart.

img-6 Include static template

Configure constants of wt_cart

After including the static template you have to configure tt_news, wt_cart and powermail as usual. Don't forget to set the constant “”. This constant is a very important one to make the order form and some other functions of wt_cart work.

TypoScript Constants

There are no TypoScript constants for ttnews_wtcart.

Known problems

There are no known problems yet. Please visit in order to submit problems or request features.

To-Do list


Nothing to do right now.


A list of all known bugfixes is available at

If you want to submit a bug you can write us an email.


A list of proposed features is available at

If you want to supprt a feature you can write us an email.

Feature Request

Do you need a new feature or maybe you want to help us?

Please add a new issue at ttnews_wtcart/issues or write us an email.


Changelog is available in the extension folder. The file name is 'ChangeLog'.

img-2 9