DOMPDF wrapper for TYPO3

How to use it

  1. cd path/to/your/typo3conf/ext && git clone https://github.com/julianxhokaxhiu/typdom3.git --recursive or install it directly from TER.
  2. Enable the "TypDom3" extension inside your Backend
  3. Somewhere in your code
use \JX\Typdom3\TypDom3;
$pdf = new TypDom3();
$pdf->setPaper( 'A4' );
$pdf->setOrientation( 'portrait' );
$pdf->loadHtml( '<html></html>' );
$thePDF = $pdf->generatePdf();

$outputPath = '/tmp/output.pdf';
file_put_contents( $outputPath, $thePDF );

Is it ready for production?

Yes, it is.

Is this bug free?

Yes, since it's just a wrapper.

Which is the license of this project?

I like the MIT license. Just use it as you like, but remember to keep the original author(s) in your source code files. Read the LICENSE file for more information.