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TYPO3Mind is an extension for generating mind mapping files from your whole TYPO3 installation. Mind maps helps you to understand how your TYPO3 project has been setup and what the current running status is. Currently you can only export .mm files which can be imported by FreeMind (strongly recommended), Freeplane, XMind, Mindjet, MindManager, etc. TYPO3Mind uses the cool icon from FreeMind. This extension hooks into the tree click menu and in the left pane. The mind map includes many icons and pictures with URIs to your webserver. You have a lot of configuration options. Needs TYPO3 4.5 or later, SimpleXML, PHP5.2 or later.

How to install:

  1. Create a SysFolder in root page tree called e.g. TYPO3Mind.
  2. During editing this SysFolder add as "General Record Storage Page" the SysFolder itself
  3. Go to your TypoScript root template and include the template for TYPO3Mind in the section "Include static (from extensions):"
  4. Set as new constant value at least this: module.tx_typo3mind.persistence.storagePid = XXX where XXX is the pid of the SysFolder "TYPO3Mind".
  5. Clear all caches
  6. In left pane click on "TYPO3Mind Export" and the .mm file is generating.


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