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When Backend user uses a Right-To-Left ( RTL ) language, this extension rearranges Backend layout and stylesheets to better render UI in RTL mode. Supported languages are:

  • Hebrew ( he )
  • Arabic ( ar )
  • Farsi ( fa )
  • Urdu ( ur )

The extension also enables text direction buttons and Languages menu in HTML editor.


Simply download and enable the extension.

Supported TYPO3 versions

v1.0 - suitable for 7.6.x and PHP 7

v0.4 - suitable for 6.2.x and PHP 5.5.

For Typo3 versions before 4.4 use zor_rtl extension.

Known issues

The extension only renders pages tree, left menu and work area. It does not support rearranging panels from right to left yet.

v1.0: does not fully support IE11 in Internet Explorer mode due.

v0.4: HTML WYSIWYG editor window is misaligned and scrollbar still at the right.


For RTL of Bootstrap 3.x the extension uses an excellent Bootstrap-RTL project by [Morteza Ansarinia] (

Author: Oleg Sverdlov

I would appreciate your responses and contributions. The extension is [available on GitHub] (