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Administrator Manual

Target group: Administrators


  • Install “varnishcache” extension through extension manager
    • “Admin Tools” > “Extensions” > “Get Extensions” > “varnishcache”
  • Include “varnishcache” in static typo template
    • “Template” > “Root-Template” > “Info/Modify” > “Edit the whole template reord” > “Includes” > “Include static (from extensions)” > “varnishcache”
  • Enable cURL via “Install Tool”
    • “System” > “Install” > “All configuration” > “curlUse”
  • Make sure you have at least one domain record configured
    • “List” > “Create new record” > “System Records” > “Domain”
  • Create varnish server configuration
    • “List” > “Create new record” > “Varnishcache” > “Varnish server configuration”
    • See Configuration Reference for default configuration

Flush varnish cache by TYPO3

In order to automatically clear varnish cache by hitting “Clear frontend cache” or “Clear single page cache” you need a configured domain record as well as a varnish server configuration. These conditions are already fulfilled if you followed our “Installation”-Guide.


All requests to the varnish server are logged in backend module “Log”.