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Configuration Reference

Target group: Developers

Default configuration

  • By default a new page type is set for uncached content elements. If you need another page type just change it by using constant editor.
  • Make sure static typoscript is included into page template

Varnish Server Configuration

  • Best suited set up your varnish server configuration on rootpage or domain start page.
  • If fully configured, varnish cache is cleared automaticcly for each configured domain on “Clear frontend cache”, “Clear current page cache” or even a record has been changed on page.

Default BAN Method for VCL

if (req.request == “BAN”) {
if (req.http.X-Host) {
ban(“ == ” + req.http.X-Host + ” && req.url ~ ” + req.http.X-Url + “[/]?(?|&|$)”); error 200 “OK”;
} else {
error 400 “Bad Request”;



Example Varnish VCL config template

You need an example VCL configuration file for your Varnish? Feel free to take this one: Varnish 3 VCL