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All configuration parameters for this extension should be in your TypoScript template, inside the config.tx_we_google_analytics container. Please see the option descriptions below.


Not all parameters are supported by the different types of the Google Analytics trackers (traditional, ga.js, mobile and analytics.js). Take into account that the used parmeters are compatible with your selected type of tracker.

Property Data type Description Default Trackingtype
account String Defines your Google Analytics account number. This parameter needs to be set for the extension to work. If not set, you will see an error-message as html-comment in your pages html source.   all
anonymized Boolean Set 1 if you want to use the “_anonymizeIp”-function. More information can be found here: Google Developers, The _gat Global Object. 0 all
type String Choose whether the asynchronous Tracker is used (type = async), the synchronous one (type = sync) or the mobile (type = mobile) one for your mobile-Website. Basic implementation of Universal Analytics is also supported (type = universal) async all
trackfiles Boolean Set 1 if links to files should be tracked as well. Check Google Support, Additional kinds of tracking for more information. 0 ga.js, analytics.js
trackfiles.path String Comma separated list of top-level directories from your website fileadmin, uploads, typo3temp ga.js, analytics.js
trackfiles.types String Comma separated list of file extension which will be tracked. If this parameter isn't set, all files within the “trackfiles.path”-directory that have a file extension between one and three charakters will be tracked   ga.js, analytics.js
_xxx String You can add most of the options starting with an underscore like _setDomainName.   ga.js
trackexternal Boolean Set 1 if links to external Websites should be tracked. More on Google Support, Track outbound links 0 ga.js, analytics.js
trackexternal.types String Comma separated list of protocols which should be tracked http, https, mailto, ftp ga.js, analytics.js
inpagelinkid Boolean Set 1 to implement an enhanced link-tracking functionality (only supported in async mode). Documented on Google Support, Enhanced Link Attribution You have to enable the enhanced link attribution in your Google Analytics reports! 0 ga.js
bouncerate Boolean Set 1 to adjust the bounce rate (only supported in async mode). See Google Analytics Blog, Tracking Adjusted Bounce Rate In Google Analytics for more information 0 ga.js
bouncerate.category String Set the general event category 15_seconds ga.js
bouncerate.action String Set the action for the event Read ga.js
bouncerate.timeout Number Set the timeout after the event is fired 15000 ga.js
doubleclick Boolean Set 1 to support display advertising (only supported in async mode). Check Google Support, Enable Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features in Google Analytics for more information about remarking lists 0 ga.js
UAdualtag Boolean Set 1 to use the “Universal Analytics” and the Google Analytics asynchronous Tracking snippets on the same page 0 analytics.js
UAdualtag.account String Add your Universal Analytics Account Number, if you want to tag your website with a different number for “Universal Analytics”. Only used if “UAdualtag” is 1 and “type” = universal   analytics.js
optout Boolean Set 1 to disable tracking by cookie (CookieLaw). Check Google Developers, Disabling Tracking for more information. 0 ga.js, analytics.js
optout.disablefunction Boolean Set 1 to remove the default gaOptout-function. Note: You have to integrate your own js-function to create the opt-out cookie. 0 ga.js, analytics.js
_setDomainName String Sets the domain name for the GATC cookies. Google Analytics provides three modes to this method: ("auto" | "none" | [domain]).   ga,js, analytics.js
legacyCookieDomain String This field is used to configure how analytics.js searches for cookies generated by earlier Google Analytics tracking scripts such as ga.js and urchin.js. Typically it is a (sub-)domain like '' (without the quotes).   analytics.js