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Minimal configuration (asynchronous without _anonymizeIp())

config.tx_we_google_analytics.account = UA-123456-7

AnonymizeIp configuration (asynchronous)

config.tx_we_google_analytics.account = UA-123456-7
config.tx_we_google_analytics.anonymized = 1

Synchronous configuration (without _anonymizeIp()) (deprecated)

The Traditional method shouldn't be used anymore.

Misc configuration with _xxx options used

config.tx_we_google_analytics.account = UA-123456-7
config.tx_we_google_analytics._cookiePathCopy = /newSubDirectory/
config.tx_we_google_analytics._setAllowHash = true
config.tx_we_google_analytics._setCustomVar = 1, 'Section', 'Life & Style', 3

Track PageLoadTime (deprecated)

This method is deprecated because Site Speed reporting is enabled automatically by Google for all users.
“By default, a fixed 1% sampling of your site visitors make up the data pool from which the Site Speed metrics are derived. If you have a relatively small number of daily visitors to your site, such as 100,000 or fewer, you might want to adjust the sampling to a larger rate. This will provide increased granularity for page load time and other Site Speed metrics.” See Google Developers, _setSiteSpeedSampleRate() for more Information.
To define a new sample set size via:
config.tx_we_google_analytics._setSiteSpeedSampleRate = 5

Misc configuration with filetracking

Track only pdf and zip files from fileadmin folder

config.tx_we_google_analytics.account = UA-123456-7
config.tx_we_google_analytics.trackfiles = 1
config.tx_we_google_analytics.trackfiles.path = fileadmin
config.tx_we_google_analytics.trackfiles.types = pdf,zip

Misc configuration with trackexternal

config.tx_we_google_analytics.account = UA-123456-7
config.tx_we_google_analytics.trackexternal = 1
config.tx_we_google_analytics.trackexternal.types = http, https

Using the new universal tracking

config.tx_we_google_analytics.account = UA-123456-7
config.tx_we_google_analytics.type = universal

Using both - asynchronous and universal tracking (dualtag!)

config.tx_we_google_analytics.account = UA-123456-7 # Account-Number for asynchronous tracking
config.tx_we_google_analytics.type = universal
config.tx_we_google_analytics.UAdualtag = 1
config.tx_we_google_analytics.UAdualtag.account = UA-65432-1 # Account-Number universal tracking

Add Opt-Out functionality


After activation, a link to the javascript function has to be set, e.g. <a href="javascript:gaOptout()">deactivate Google Analytics</a>

config.tx_we_google_analytics.optout = 1