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What does it do?

  • wt_cart is a small but powerful extension which adds some shopping cart functionality to your TYPO3 installation. The extension neither allows you to create products, articles or categories nor includes a checkout functionality. The extension depends on powermail which helps you to integrate the checkout process. Furthermore powermail is utilized for sending the order confirmation.
  • wt_cart is very flexible. First of all any item within your TYPO3 installation could be a product . After an easy installation and setting up a “add to cart button” you can add tt_news items, cal events, seminars, items based on your own and individually created extension or even tt_product items to wt_cart. Second of all wt_cart comes with a very powerful dynamic marker functionality. With the help of TypoScript you can create individual markers. As soon as you've added a new marker it's available in your HTML template.
  • wt_cart is interesting for people who:
    • are typically running a small business / sell small amounts of products (wt_cart is not limited to a specific amount of products but as soon as your shop grows you'll be looking for some special functions which will not be included in wt_cart);
    • are looking for a smart, clean and flexible solution;
    • are NOT interested in installing tt_products, commerce or any other TYPO3 shop extension;
    • are NOT looking for discounts / discount rules, gift certificats;
    • are NOT looking for special payment methods like credit card
  • Technically wt_cart is an extension which utilizes the TYPO3 session. Build your own add-to-cart form and send information like color, size and quantity as post parameters. These post parameters will be added to the TYPO3 session. wt_cart handles the session data and – based on your setup – looks up a specific TYPO3 database table to present the product title and any other additional information.
  • To stop mail abuse install wt_spamshield.