This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.



You can set up a list of galleries and use the as folders for your albums. The galleries can be sorted and paged as a list:


Within each gallery you can have as many albums as you like. These albums can be displayed as a list in the frontend:


Each album can be displayed as a list of images contained by this album:


An image can be presented in many different ways, using different templates and themes. Here is the standard template – showing the image with some useful information:


If you like, you can also use a lightbox like here:


With version 1.4.0 we added a „random photo“ widget which shows a random photo of a selected range of photos.

You can select from many different templates and plugins (like JavaScript Lightboxes or Flash albums) to actually render your albums on your site. It is one goal of YAG to enable you write your own templates easily. Here is another example of a rendered album using SimpleViewer :

img-8 To get an overview of currently available themes, please refer to the demo section of our website: http://www.yag-


YAG ships with a full-featured backend module that lets you administrate your gallery easily. After installing YAG, you get a new icon in the menu bar:


This will show an administration backend:


You can get a list of galleries, and for each gallery a list of albums inside this gallery:


There is a administration view that lets you easily manipulate your images in your albums. You can drag and drop images for sorting, change titles and descriptions and set thumbnails for albums:


Several upload possibilities including Flash-Multifile-Uploader and ZIP uploader make it easy to add images to your album:


Finally there is gallery maintenance module that gives you nice statistics on the images in your gallery and lets you maintain the resolution file cache:

img-14 img-15

Inserting plugin via FlexForm

YAG comes with a very comfortable FlexForm that lets you select albums, galleries and images easily:


After you inserted the plugin, you get some information about your plugin in the page-module: