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User ManualΒΆ

The import and export tasks can be long running processes. Therefore they are executed using the command line dispatcher.

You can execute the dispathcer from the root of your website:


The available tasks can be found under the extbase cliKey:

./typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase help

The following commands are currently available:

  tsconfig:generate                        Generate TSConfig configuration
                                           files from a YAML configuration

  export:backendusers                      Export be_users table to yml file
  export:backendgroups                     Export be_groups table to yml file
  export:frontendusers                     Export fe_users table to yml file
  export:frontendgroups                    Export fe_groups table to yml file
  export:table                             Export a table to yml file

  import:backendusers                      Import backend users from yml file
  import:backendgroups                     Import backend groups from yml file
  import:frontendusers                     Import frontend users from yml file
  import:frontendgroups                    Import frontend groups from yml file
  import:table                             Import table data from yml file


Some commands accept parameters. See './typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh extbase help <command identifier>' for more information about a specific command.

Please see the Command Reference for an explanation of the commands.