Welcome to the official TYPO3 Documentation

TYPO3 CMS is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System powered by PHP.

Getting Started

To find out more information about the different versions of TYPO3 and its system requirements, visit https://get.typo3.org.

Follow the Quick installation guide with Composer to install TYPO3.

composer create-project typo3/cms-base-distribution YourNewProjectFolder

Set up the site configuration in the backend to configure the domain, languages, URLs and error pages.

The Getting Started Tutorial walks you through the backend - the interface for editing content and configuring the TYPO3 installation. You need a browser and a working TYPO3 installation.

Find more tutorials in Tutorials and Guides. You can ask for support via StackOverflow or Slack. Find out more on the help page

How the documentation is organized

  • Tutorials and Guides contain a comprehensive list of resources for both new and existing users of TYPO3 including documentation for editors, integrators and developers.
  • Core Documentation features detailed information about TYPO3’s core and is intended for integrators and developers.
  • System Extensions provide a list of all extensions currently used in TYPO3’s core along with documentation for each of the extensions listed.
  • Extensions by Extension Key allow you to search for documentation that has been provided for third party extensions.

Create a theme

Theme | Templating | Sitepackage

It is considered good practice to create a Sitepackage. This is an extension which contains the resources required for a theme.


More introductions:


Develop custom extensions

Core Documentation lists all relevant core manuals. One of these is TYPO3 Explained. It contains detailed information for core and extension developers,

Getting started with extension development:

More topics can be found in TYPO3 Explained, for example:

If you are updating TYPO3 to the next major version, you may need to make changes in your custom extensions.

The Core changelog lists all relevant changes for each TYPO3 version since 7.

Configure TYPO3

One of the major features of TYPO3 is its configurability. The Configuration overview in “TYPO3 Explained” gives you an overview of various configuration languages.

Specifically, you might want to

How to create translations

Internationalization | Translation | Multiple Languages

Contribute to the core

The “Core contribution guide” contains information for creating core patches:

But contributions aren’t just about writing patches. You can contribute in numerous other ways, including

Contribute to official documentation

You are welcome to click on the “Edit on GitHub” button on any page to propose a change in the official documentation whenever you see something that you think can be improved.