Deprecation: #62893 - Flashmessage JavaScript object TYPO3.Flashmessages was moved

See forge#62893


Flashmessages JavaScript object has been moved from TYPO3.Flashmessages to top.TYPO3.Flashmessages. The severity constant values has been changed to correspond to the same values (-2,-1,0,1,2) of the constants as in PHP. The constants TYPO3.Severity.information have been marked as deprecated. 3rd party extensions referring to TYPO3.Severity.information will work until CMS 9. A compatibility file was introduced to map TYPO3.Flashmessages to top.TYPO3.Flashmessages, will also work until CMS 9.


If a 3rd party extension calls the mentioned methods directly, a deprecation log will be written to the browser console.

Affected installations

A TYPO3 instance is affected if a 3rd party extension refers to the method TYPO3.Flashmessages.display() or uses TYPO3.Severity.information constants.


The affected 3rd party extensions must be modified to use top.TYPO3.Flashmessages instead of TYPO3.Flashmessages.


// Old and deprecated:

// New and the only correct way:

The TYPO3.Severity object has been moved to top.TYPO3.Severity. Use top.TYPO3.Severity.* instead.