Feature: #84713 - Access single values in form templates

See Issue #84713


It is now possible to access single form values in templates of the “form” extension. For this a new RenderFormValueViewHelper has been added which complements the existing RenderAllFormValuesViewHelper.

The RenderFormValueViewHelper accepts a single form element and renders it exactly like the RenderAllFormValuesViewHelper used to do within its internal traversal of renderable elements:

<p>The following message was just sent by <b><formvh:renderFormValue renderable="{page.rootForm.elements.name}" as="formValue">{formValue.processedValue}</formvh:renderFormValue><b>:</p>

   <formvh:renderFormValue renderable="{page.rootForm.elements.message}" as="formValue">

To make it possible to access single form elements, a new method FormDefinition::getElements() has been added. This method returns an array containing all elements in the form with their identifiers as keys.



Form values can now be placed freely in Fluid templates of the “form” extension instead of being bound to traverse all form values and skip rendering.