Feature: #84184 - Show columns selection in filelist

See Issue #84184


The column selector, introduced in Issue #94218 and improved in Issue #94474, is now also available in the filelist module.

As already known from the recordlist, it can be used to manage the fields, displayed for each file / folder, while containing convenience actions, such as “filter”, “check all / none” and “toggle selection”.

The fields to be selected are a combination of special fields, such as references or read/write permissions, the corresponding sys_file record fields, as well as all available sys_file_metadata fields.

Administrators can manage whether the column selection is available for their users with a new user TSconfig option:

# disable the column selector
file_list.displayColumnSelector = 0


It’s now possible to manage the displayed fields for files / folders in the filelist module, using the columns selection component.