Breaking: #73152 - Symfony console helpers replaced

See Issue #73152


By upgrading to Symfony Console 3.x the DialogHelper , ProgressHelper and TableHelper have been replaced. The internal getter methods for these classes have been replaced in Extbase ConsoleOutput .


Calling the following methods with result in a fatal error:

  • ConsoleOutput::getDialogHelper()
  • ConsoleOutput::getProgressHelper()
  • ConsoleOutput::getTableHelper()

The 2nd argument of the following methods is ignored now:

  • ConsoleOutput::progressAdvance()
  • ConsoleOutput::progressSet()

Affected Installations

Extensions which have directly called these methods in favor of the Extbase ConsoleOutput helper methods.


Use the following methods instead:

  • ConsoleOutput::getQuestionHelper()
  • ConsoleOutput::getProgressBar()
  • ConsoleOutput::getTable()

Remove the 2nd argument when calling these methods:

  • ConsoleOutput::progressAdvance()
  • ConsoleOutput::progressSet()