Breaking: #78002 - Enforce cHash argument for Extbase actions

See Issue #78002


URIs to Extbase actions now need a valid cHash per default. This is required for both cached and uncached actions. The behavior can be disabled for all actions using the feature switch requireCHashArgumentForActionArguments .


All generated links to Extbase actions without having a valid cHash will fail.

Affected Installations

All generated links to Extbase actions that explicitly disabled the cHash are affected - like <f:link.action action="..." noCacheHash="1"/>


Either one of the following:

  • ensure to use a valid cHash, e.g. by removing the noCacheHash="1" argument from link view-helpers
  • disable the requireCHashArgumentForActionArguments feature, e.g. for EXT:indexed_search:
plugin {
  tx_indexedsearch {
    features {
      requireCHashArgumentForActionArguments = 0