Breaking: #83294 - Salted Passwords: Custom saltings must use the SaltInterface

See Issue #83294


The salted passwords factory allowed to register custom saltings has been changed. All custom salts need to implement TYPO3\CMS\SaltedPasswords\Salt\SaltInterface . Before, this was handled by extending from TYPO3\CMS\SaltedPasswords\Salt\AbstractSalt , which has been renamed to TYPO3\CMS\SaltedPasswords\Salt\AbstractComposedSalt when the salting is implemented.


When writing custom salts for TYPO3, they need to implement the SaltInterface.

If extending from AbstractSalt , custom salt now need to extend from AbstractComposedSalt and implement the additional method getSaltLength() and isValidSalt($salt) .

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations using custom salts for EXT:saltedpasswords .


Switch to the new implemention details mentioned above, and change your custom salt to fit to the SaltInterface API.