Important: #83869 - Removed request type specific code in Bootstrap

See Issue #83869


All methods and properties related to specific HTTP or CLI handling in \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Core\Bootstrap have been removed. These methods and properties were either protected or marked @internal .


  • redirectToInstallTool()
  • registerRequestHandlerImplementation()
  • resolveRequestHandler()
  • handleRequest()
  • sendResponse()
  • checkLockedBackendAndRedirectOrDie()
  • checkBackendIpOrDie()
  • checkSslBackendAndRedirectIfNeeded()
  • initializeOutputCompression()
  • sendHttpHeaders()
  • shutdown()
  • initializeBackendTemplate()
  • endOutputBufferingAndCleanPreviousOutput()
  • getApplicationContext()
  • getRequestId()


  • protected $installToolPath;
  • protected $availableRequestHandlers
  • protected $response;

Affected Installations

All installations that use custom extensions that use request method specific methods of \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Core\Bootstrap .


Custom request handlers that are registered using the internal method registerRequestHandlerImplementation() should be converted to PSR-15 middlewares. TYPO3 9.2 gained an API Configuration/Configuration/RequestMiddlewares.php for registering PSR-15 middleware HTTP handlers. See \TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\Middleware\EidHandler for an example.