Deprecation: #86047 - TSFE properties / methods and change visibility

See Issue #86047


The following properties have changed their visibility from public to protected.

  • TypoScriptFrontendController->pageAccessFailureHistory
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->workspacePreview (not in use anymore)
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->ADMCMD_preview_BEUSER_uid (not in use anymore)
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->debug (not in use anymore)
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->MP_defaults (not in use anymore outside of TSFE)
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->loginAllowedInBranch (use checkIfLoginAllowedInBranch())

The following methods have changed their signature to be protected, as their purpose is to be called from within TypoScriptFrontendController.

  • TypoScriptFrontendController->tempPageCacheContent()
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->realPageCacheContent()
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->setPageCacheContent()
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->clearPageCacheContent_pidList()
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->setSysLastChanged()
  • TypoScriptFrontendController->contentStrReplace()


Calling any of the PHP methods will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error, as well as accessing any of the previously public properties.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation with extensions directly calling one of the methods or using one of the public properties.


For TypoScriptFrontendController->ADMCMD_preview_BEUSER_uid use the backend.user aspect of the Context API. For TypoScriptFrontendController->workspacePreview use the workspace aspect of the Context API. For TypoScriptFrontendController->loginAllowedInBranch use the method checkIfLoginAllowedInBranch() instead.