Deprecation: #86440 - Internal Methods and properties within RteHtmlParser

See Issue #86440


Several methods and properties in class TYPO3\CMS\Core\Html\RteHtmlParser have been changed from public to protected visibility. Some additional functionality has been marked as deprecated, as this has been replaced with the new RTE configuration since TYPO3 v8.

The following properties have changed visibility to protected:

  • blockElementList
  • recPid
  • elRef
  • tsConfig
  • procOptions
  • TS_transform_db_safecounter
  • getKeepTags_cache
  • allowedClasses

The following public methods have changed visibility to protected:

  • TS_images_db()
  • TS_links_db()
  • TS_transform_db()
  • TS_transform_rte()
  • HTMLcleaner_db()
  • getKeepTags()
  • divideIntoLines()
  • setDivTags()
  • getWHFromAttribs()
  • urlInfoForLinkTags() (deprecated, not in use anymore)
  • TS_AtagToAbs()

The following processing options (RTE.proc.) have been marked as deprecated:

  • keepPDIVattribs
  • dontRemoveUnknownTags_db


Setting any of the options, calling the methods above or accessing the properties will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations with extensions or custom usages for RTE handling (e.g. l10nmgr).


Migrate to use the public API only and use other options (such as allowAttributes instead of dontRemoveUnknownTags_db) in order to only run certain instructions on the RteHtmlParser object.