The system extension "Import/Export" (EXT:impexp) allows content to be exported from one installation of TYPO3 and then imported into another. Exported data includes content from multiple tables including tt_content as well as images and other files stored in fileadmin/.

This extension is often used to manage content for distributions and also training and demonstration purposes.

Merging multiple sets of data

By default the identifiers are changed when importing data, making it possible to merge several projects into one installation. The table identifiers are automatically changed in such a way that content elements remain attached to their pages and images to their content elements.

It is also possible to keep the identifiers (uids) to allow the reproduction of the exact same page and content tree.

What doesn't it do?

  • Exported content does not include code from any installed extensions or sitepackages.
  • This extension is not used for the Download feature in the List module.

Backward compatibility

The data structure for content exports have seen very little changes since their original inception. It is sometimes possible to export content from a fifteen year old TYPO3 installation straight into a current installation of TYPO3.

It is often more feasible to use the import/export tool than it is to attempt to update old installations of TYPO3.

The following images show the export dialog of a current TYPO3 installation and TYPO3 v3.8.0: They correspond pretty much.

Export module of current TYPO3

Export module of current TYPO3

Export module of TYPO3 3.8.0 (year 2005)

Export module of TYPO3 3.8.0 (year 2005)