Working with LinkValidator

This page handles how to work with LinkValidator as editor. It is intended for a non-technical audience.

LinkValidator Report

  1. First, select the page you want to work on in the page tree
  2. Access the Info module.
  3. In the top menu, select LinkValidator.
Access LinkValidator Report via Info module

Access LinkValidator Report via Info module

You will now see the Report with the list of broken links. In order to get results, select the checkboxes ("Internal Links", etc.) and choose the appropriate depth under Show this level. This will determine the page level, for example for depth This page, LinkValidator will only show broken links for the page that is currently selected in the page tree. The deeper you go, the more broken links may possibly be shown. After you change the settings, you must click Refresh display.

When you jump to a different page in the page tree, the Report will be refreshed.