abstract class AbstractLinktype
Fully qualified name

This class provides Check Base plugin implementation

getIdentifier ( )


setAdditionalConfig ( array $config)

Function to override config of Linktype. Should be used only if necessary. Add additional configuration to TSconfig.

param array $config

the config

fetchType ( array $value, string $type, string $key)

Base type fetching method, based on the type that softRefParserObj returns

param array $value

Reference properties

param string $type

Current type

param string $key

Validator hook name

getErrorParams ( )

Get the value of the private property errorParams

getBrokenUrl ( array $row)

Construct a valid Url for browser output

param array $row

Broken link record

Checks a given link for validity

param string $url

Url to check

param array $softRefEntry

The soft reference entry which builds the context of that url

param \\TYPO3\\CMS\\Linkvalidator\\LinkAnalyzer $reference

Parent instance

getErrorMessage ( array $errorParams)

Generate the localized error message from the error params saved from the parsing

param array $errorParams

All parameters needed for the rendering of the error message