Custom reports registration

The only report provided by the TYPO3 core is the one called Status.

The status report itself is extendable and shows status messages like a system environment check and the status of the installed extensions.

Changed in version 12.0: Reports and status are automatically registered through the service configuration, based on the implemented interface. See section Migration for more information.

Register a custom report

All reports have to implement the interface TYPO3\CMS\Reports\ReportInterface. This, way, the report is automatically registered if autoconfigure is enabled in Services.yaml:

    autoconfigure: true

Alternatively, one can manually tag a custom report with the tag:

    - name:

Register a custom status

All status providers must implement TYPO3\CMS\Reports\StatusProviderInterface. If autoconfigure is enabled in Services.yaml, the status providers implementing this interface will be automatically registered.

Alternatively, one can manually tag a custom report with the reports.status tag:

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