Post-upgrade tasks

Run the upgrade wizard

Enter the Install Tool at on your TYPO3 site.

Upgrade wizard

The "Upgrade Wizard" in the Install Tool.

TYPO3 provides an upgrade wizard for easy upgrading. Go to the Upgrade section and choose Upgrade Wizard. Take a look at the different wizards provided. You should go through them one by one.

You must start with Create missing tables and fields if it's displayed, which adds new tables and columns to the database.

Click Execute. Now all ext_tables.sql files from core and extensions are read and compared to your current database tables and columns. Any missing tables and columns will be shown and you'll be able to execute queries sufficient to add them.

After you added these tables and columns, go on to the next wizard.

The "Version Compatibility" wizard sets the compatibility version of your TYPO3 installation to the new version. This allows your frontend output to use new features of the new TYPO3 version.

Go through all wizards and apply the (database) updates they propose. Please note that some wizards provide optional features, like installing system extensions that you may not need in your current installation, so take care to only apply those wizards, which you really need. Apply the optional wizards too - just be sure to select the correct option (e.g. "No, do not execute"). This way, these wizards will also be removed from the list of wizards to execute and the upgrade will be marked as "done".

Choose "No, do not execute"

After running through the upgrade wizards go to Maintenance > Analyze Database Structure. You will be able to execute queries to adapt them so that the tables and columns used by the TYPO3 Core correspond to the structure required for the new TYPO3 version.

Run the database analyser

While in the previous step, tables and columns have been changed or added to allow running the upgrade wizards smoothly. The next step gives you the possibility to remove old and unneeded tables and columns from the database.

Use the "Maintenance section" and click "Analyze Database".

The Database Analyzer before analyzing the database

You will be able to execute queries to remove these tables and columns so that your database corresponds to the structure required for the new TYPO3 version.

Select the upgrades you want and press "Execute":

Database analyzer

The Database Analyzer

When you then click "Compare current database with specification" again and you only see the message

Database analyzer

The Database Analyzer with no updates to do

then all database updates have been applied.

Clear user settings

You might consider clearing the Backend user preferences. This can avoid problems, if something in the upgrade requires this. Go to "Clean up", scroll to "Reset user preferences" and click "Reset backend user preferences".

Reset User Preferences

The option "Reset Backend User Preferences" in the Install Tool

Clear caches

You have to clear all caches when upgrading.

Go to the Admin Tools > Maintenance backend module and click on the Flush cache button:

Flush Caches

The option "Flush" in the Admin Tool.

Additionally, after an upgrade to a new major version, you should also delete the other temporary files, which TYPO3 saves in the typo3temp/ folder. In the Admin Tools > Maintenance module click on the Remove Temporary Assets > Scan temporary files button and select the appropriate folders.

Remove temporary assets

The option "Remove temporary assets" in the Install Tool.

Update backend translations

In the Install tool, go to the module "Maintenance" -> "Manage languages" and update your translations. If you don't update your translations, new texts will only be displayed in English. Missing languages or translations can be added following the section Internationalization and Localization.

Manage language packs

The option "Manage language packs" in the Install Tool