TYPO3 Exception 1203699034

#1203699034: A cache with identifier "IDENTIFIER" does not exist.


Most likely you did not clear cache. You will not be able to do this from backend any more. Instead you have to remove all cache files from your instance manually.

For current TYPO3 versions: Remove typo3temp/var/cache/* or var/cache For TYPO3 6.x: Remove typo3temp/Cache/* folders. For 4.x: Remove all typo3conf/temp_* files.

See caching documentation.

This issue can also occur when you run a code from the Install Tool (e.g. when using upgrade wizard) context and the cache IDENTIFIER is defined in a 3rd party extension. Install tool doesn't load all extensions configuration, thus custom cache definition is not available. Try calling the upgrade wizard from CLI

./typo3cms upgrade:wizard --identifier=DatabaseRowsUpdateWizard

In current versions of TYPO3 the Caching Framework is installed by default.

This exception may appear if you just upgraded your TYPO3 Core and have not removed the cache files in typo3conf.

To do so simply remove these files go to your TYPO3 Installation and in the shell type rm typo3conf/temp_CACHED_\* and reload the page.

If you have upgraded from v8.x to v9 or v10 then there is a possibility that cache configuration is defined with


Replace it with


and maybe you need to compare your datebase scheme again in the admin tools.