TYPO3 Exception 1233058486

Invalid chars in identifier for the cache-instance

Remove or replace the invalid characters from your identifier.

Interface: TYPO3CMSCoreCacheFrontendFrontendInterface

const PATTERN_ENTRYIDENTIFIER = '/^[a-zA-Z0-9_%\\-&]{1,250}$/';

Abstract Class: TYPO3CMSCoreCacheFrontendAbstractFrontend

public function isValidEntryIdentifier($identifier) {
    return preg_match(self::PATTERN_ENTRYIDENTIFIER, $identifier) === 1;

file ext_autoload.php

An invalid character in the file ext_autoload.php causes this error message.

return array(
 => $extensionPath . 'Classes/Hooks/Marker.php',

Here a semicolon is wrong at "Marker;". The error message invents a class name of its own. It does not exist anywhere: ..._hooks_marker

'Core: Exception handler (WEB): Uncaught TYPO3 Exception: #1233058486:
\"agency_ttproductsagency_hooks_marker;\" is not a valid cache entry identifier.
| InvalidArgumentException thrown in file
/Cache/Frontend/AbstractFrontend.php in line 85. Requested URL:

EXT:be_acl:: Version 1.7.3 and above

From version 1.7.3 on the cache identifier includes the "usergroup_cached_list" of the backend user object. If there are too many usergroups in the list, the string of the cache identifier gets longer than 250 characters. So the validation fails. (See also the constant in the first paragraph).