TYPO3 Exception 1256475113

The argument "arguments" was registered with type "array", but is of type "string" in view helper

This problem is related to the use of an extended Fluid syntax like this:

<a href="{be:moduleLink(route:'system_reports',arguments:{action:'detail', extension:extensionKey, report:reportName})}">

In some versions of PHP, there is a PCRE bug with the underlying readline library: https://github.com/TYPO3/Fluid/commit/865890c3cffaf8d5f6aa44295d42a84a103895ec

A possible fix (for the example above) is to enclose the array arguments with single quotes like that:

<a href="{be:moduleLink(route:'system_reports',arguments:'{action:\'detail\', extension:extensionKey, report:reportName}')}">

This effectively forces Fluid to extract the content of the single quotes with a simpler regular expression instead of a recursive one.

The argument does not follow the Fluid array syntax.

<f:render section="someSection" arguments="foo: {someVariable}" />


<f:render section="someSection" arguments="{foo: someVariable}" />


Another possible cause of this error may be a PHP-configuration problem: PHP 7.3.14:

pcre.jit = 1

jit (Just in time compiler) had to be enabled in my installation.