TYPO3 Exception 1314516809

File "..." does not exist

Check case sensitivity setting in `File storage` record

Most problems arise when you are migrating from a case-insensitive to a case-sensitive file system, or when an auto-generated File Storage didn't recognize case-sensitivity correctly.

In such a situation the created File storage saves file identifiers with lower-case in the database and can't find files which have mixed-case file names.


Find all File Storages via module List on page zero and on tab Configuration check the Uses case sensitive identifiers checkbox.

Other possibilities

  • This error occurs when a media resource (image, PDF) is deleted from the server but remains linked via the "media" extension and FAL.
  • The message appears when the file is in the directory, but not the record in the DB.
  • It happens when you upload a file with the name in uppercase. The file has been uploaded, but the reference record is not created. Solution: delete the file from the directory and upload the file in lowercase (and check if setting "case sensitivity" in File Storage record is set correctly).

Situation: Entering Upgrade Wizard after upgrading to 8.7

Exception gets thrown when entering Upgrade Wizard:

Uncaught TYPO3 Exception
#1314516809: File /user_upload//foto_ba\'s.JPG does not exist. (More information)


The file does exist but is still referenced.

Important Set configuration presets to "Debug" to see where problem occurs (You should not do this in production system though).


For this specific case: (the exception may be caused by other things, though)

  • "Fix" the filename.
  • Mark FormFileExtensionUpdate as done

See also: https://forge.typo3.org/issues/85685

Situation: Upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2

This error occurs at this step of the upgrade process :

Migrate all RTE magic images from uploads/RTEmagicC_* to fileadmin/_migrated/RTE/

The solution is to update the general reference index (sys_refindex) via the TYPO3 Backend:

TYPO3 backend, ADMIN TOOLS > DB check > Manage Reference Index

Situation: Upgrading from very old DAM versions

DAM versions up to 1.1.7 allowed users to circumvent TYPO3's file and folder name sanitization, so users could enter files containing e.g. space characters. While that may not have caused any issues on TYPO3 4.x, it will result in various obscure errors in 6.x, not just this exception.

DAM 1.1.8 added sanitization but still failed to sanitize folder names when renaming existing folders. This issue has been fixed later (at latest on 1.2.4, exact release not identified yet).

As 1.1.8 fixed most of these issues and was released just one day (25 January 2011) before TYPO3 4.5 you should only encounter this issue on very old TYPO3/DAM installations.

Solution: Identify all file paths containing spaces which are currently in use (to keep amount of work low) via database and rename them manually. Warn your editors to check file names if currently unused files are affected (simply remove the number_of_references condition below). Assuming reference index is reliable:

SELECT * FROM sys_file WHERE identifier LIKE "% %" AND number_of_references > 0;