TYPO3 Exception 1375955684

You are not allowed to access the given folder

This exception occurs when file action permissions are not correct. It may occur after an upgrade due to security bulletin core-sa-2013-003

  • …and not following the given advices (clear cache, deleting the complete typo3temp/Cache folder, set storage file permissions) - in this case follow the instructions in the bulletin
  • …and deleting the complete typo3temp folder → in this case see bug 51747, manually creating the folder typo3temp/_processed_ seems to fix the problem for most people.

Exception when calling the language module

If you encounter this exception when calling the language module in 6.1.4 => try to update to 6.1.5 or later.

Exception Scheduler calling: File Abstraction Layer: Indexing job (scheduler)

Check that user _cli_scheduler has File Mounts to all storages on root level /

This also applies to indexing content with ke_search.

Exception when calling search in the file list module

If this occurs as editor (not admin), you are using TYPO3 9.5 and you are directly on the top level directory of a file mount, it may be due to this bug: https://forge.typo3.org/issues/88175

Exception when calling the file list module

You may have switched your file storage to offline. This may happen, if you create a non-public file storage without a _processed_ sub-folder and if you then switch to file list. The _processed_ sub-folder will be created by TYPO3, but the exception is not caught and the storage is set to offline.

Solution: Edit your File Storage record -> Tab Access -> Is online? [x]

Then switch back to the file list and either reload the file list frame or logout/relogin.

Exception after viewing the TYPO3 frontend in a browser

The auto-created fileadmin folder had been put offline. Re-enabling the folder fixes the issue.

Exception, when trying to select a file in tce_forms

Look for something like this in the Page / User / Group TS and prefix the folder with the correct storage

# fails
options.folderTree.altElementBrowserMountPoints = assets
# works, as sub-folder of storage 1, which is by default the :file:`fileadmin` folder
options.folderTree.altElementBrowserMountPoints = 1:assets

Exception after cloning a 6.2 site when calling the file list module

The fileadmin folder had been (deliberately) replaced by another one. Then, the page tree column displayed this error - only that 2nd column. In the third column, the files were displayed as usual. None of the above helped, but truncating all sys_file tables did. In my case, that was feasible.

Exception when deleting file as non admin user

If sys extension recycler is enabled, make sure that there is a _recycler_ folder accessible for the user.