TYPO3 Exception 1426448465

TYPO3 v12.4, 18.06.2024

#1426448465 RuntimeException
Field must not be empty

This error happened after updating from TYPO3 v10.4 when trying to edit a files metadata in the "Filelist" module.

There was an invalid entry in the TCA of sys_file_metadata. In TYPO3 v10 the falsely declared div title was not displayed and ignored. In TYPO3 v12.4 this error was thrown.

Solution: Fix TCA of sys_file_metadata

Items in TCA showitem must be separated by comma , not semicolon ;. A divider --div-- must start with this string after the previous comma.

$GLOBALS['TCA']['sys_file_metadata']['types'][1] = [
    'showitem' => $GLOBALS['TCA']['sys_file_metadata']['types'][1]['showitem']
-        . ';--div--;My-Cool-Center,my_cool_center_enable',
+        . ',--div--;My-Cool-Center,my_cool_center_enable,',

Unknown TYPO3 Version

Field must not be empty

Error in TCA configuration. E.g. in section types['1']['showitem'].

Possible solution

Fix TCA configuration. E.g. showitem string. (In my case, the value was illegally starting with ;;1,.)