Changed in version 12.0

With the introduction of the TCA type file, the following options for the TCA type group are no longer evaluated.







Options for refining the appearance of group-type fields. This property is automatically used for FAL relations created by the function ExtensionManagementUtility::getFileFieldTCAConfig.

elementBrowserType (string)
Allows to set the alternative element browser type file that would otherwise be rendered as db. This is used internally for FAL file fields, where a group field's element browser should be the file element browser.
elementBrowserAllowed (string)
Makes it possible to set an alternative element browser allowed string that would otherwise be taken from the allowed setting of this field. This is used internally for FAL file fields, where this is used to supply the comma list of allowed file types. This also affects whether the "Add media by URL" button is shown if online media file extensions (e.g. youtube or vimeo) are included.