New in version 11.4

TCA table column fields that define ['config']['MM'] can omit the specification of the intermediate MM table layout in ext_tables.sql. The TYPO3 database analyzer takes care of proper schema definition.

Extensions are strongly encouraged to drop CREATE TABLE definitions from the ext_tables.sql file for those intermediate tables referenced by TCA table columns. Dropping these definitions allows the Core to adapt and migrate definitions if needed.

string (table name)

This value contains the name of the table in which to store a MM relation. It is used together with allowed (group). If you use Extbase, foreign_table has to contain the same table name additionally.

The database field with a MM property only stores the number of records in the relation.

Please have a look into the additional information in the MM common property description.

The table name used in the field MM should be unique. It must be a valid SQL table name. It is best practise to use the name of both referenced tables and of the field in which the reference is saved on local side. See also naming conventions for mm tables. This way uniqueness can be ensured and it is possible to find the field where the table is used quickly.


// table tx_myextension_domain_model_mymodel1
$fields = [
    'relation_table1_table2' => [
        'label' => 'Some relation from table 1 to table 2',
        'config' => [
            'type' => 'group',
            'allowed' => 'tx_myextension_domain_model_mymodel2',
            'foreign_table' => 'tx_myextension_domain_model_mymodel2', // needed by Extbase
            'MM' => 'tx_myextension_domain_model_mymodel1_mymodel2_mm',