Configuration options of the "Web > Info" module.



The available fields in the "Pagetree overview" module under the Info module, by default ship with the entries "Basic settings", "Record overview", and "Cache and age".

Default entries of Pagetree Overview

Default entries of Pagetree Overview

By using page TsConfig it is possible to change the available fields and add additional entries to the select box.

Next to using a list of fields from the pages table you can add counters for records in a given table by prefixing a table name with table_ and adding it to the list of fields.

The string ###ALL_TABLES### is replaced with a list of all table names an editor has access to.

Example: Override the field definitions in the info module

mod.web_info.fieldDefinitions {
    0 {
        # Basic settings
        label = LLL:EXT:info/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_webinfo.xlf:pages_0
        fields = title,uid,slug,alias,starttime,endtime,fe_group,target,url,shortcut,shortcut_mode
    1 {
        # Record overview
        label = LLL:EXT:info/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_webinfo.xlf:pages_1
        fields = title,uid,###ALL_TABLES###
    2 {
        # Cache and age
        label = LLL:EXT:info/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_webinfo.xlf:pages_2
        fields = title,uid,table_tt_content,table_fe_users