Permissions synchronization

When administrators create backend users and groups in TYPO3, assigning permissions that are stored in the database, they can easily edit these settings via the backend module. However, managing these settings across different environments — testing, staging, and production — can be challenging.

Ensuring ACL configurations are consistent and synchronized can be time-consuming, often leading to issues. For example, developers might forget to update permissions across environments during deployments, causing inconsistencies. There are strategies to mitigate these synchronization challenges.

Managing database configurations: importing and exporting

A solution for synchronizing permissions across environments in TYPO3 is using the import/export feature (more details: TYPO3 Import / Export). This feature allows exporting and importing records, including relational data, across different instances.

However, you might prefer not to export/import backend user accounts directly. After importing groups and permissions, reassign these groups to existing users as needed. Keep in mind though, that managing environment-specific groups while updating others can be a complex task.

Deployable permissions

A highly desired feature not yet in TYPO3 core is Deployable permissions for ACLs, allowing permission sets to be stored in files for version control and easy deployment across environments. This ensures consistent permission application and simple updates or rollbacks via version control systems (VCS).

In the meantime, the community extension Permission Sets offers a workaround, linking permission sets to TYPO3 backend user groups via yaml files, filling this functionality gap. However, it's currently in the testing phase, as noted by its author.