Backend and Frontend

TYPO3 CMS is divided into two areas - the backend and the frontend .


The frontend is the website that is produced by TYPO3 CMS.

To display the frontend , enter the URL of your web site in the address bar of your browser (e.g. ).


The administrative area of the web site is called the backend . It is from here you create and manage the content that is viewed in the frontend .

A user name and a password are always required to log into the backend.

  1. Enter URL with /typo3 in your browser

    The backend is accessed by adding /typo3/ to your web site’s URL (e.g ).

    A login page looking like this will be displayed:

    Login page for the TYPO3 CMS backend
  2. Login

    Use the user name (default is admin ) and the password that you defined during the installation process.

    After pressing the login button you will be redirected to the TYPO3 CMS backend overview:

    TYPO3 CMS backend Overview with the About Modules screen

The current view is a list of all installed modules and their usage. It can be reached using the help menu in the top bar and selecting About TYPO3 CMS .

Accessing the Help menu from the top bar