Further objects

  • CASE allows case differentiation. In the core this object is used for rendering different content elements according to their type.

  • COA (content object array) allows us to combine an arbitrary number of objects.

  • COA_INT is a COA object, but non-cached. This element will be regenerated upon each call. This is useful with time and date or user-dependent data, for example.

  • LOAD_REGISTER / RESTORE_REGISTER objects allow us to fill the global array $GLOBALS['TSFE']->register[] with content. These objects return nothing. Single values and complete TypoScript objects can be used. In doing so, the register works as a stack: With every call, a further element is stacked. With RESTORE_REGISTER, the element on top can be removed. Values in the register can be used with the getText data type.

  • USER and USER_INT are for user-defined functions. Every frontend plugin from a TYPO3 CMS extension is such an object. USER_INT is the non-cached variant.

  • IMG_RESOURCE is used by the IMAGE object. The resource returned is normally the src attribute of the <img> tag. If images are scaled, this object serves as a calculation basis for the new files, which are stored in the _processed_ folder of each file storage.

  • GIFBUILDER is used for generating image files dynamically. Various texts and images can be combined, and much more.