A TYPO3 extension for a glossary and a contentparser to link terms to a detailpage.

This extension is all namespaced and is tested in TYPO3 6.2.X & 7.6.X


  • Integrate the plugin in your root template.
  • Over the constant-editor you will be able to make some configurations.
  • You must set the listPage and detailPage to have the list- and detailplugin working.
  • If you just want some wrapped terms and no list- & detailpage you can keep it empty.
  • There are also example styles and scripts for the views and a tiny CSS3 Tooltip
  • CSS: EXT:dpn_glossary/Resources/Public/css/styles.min.css
  • JS: EXT:dpn_glossary/Resources/Public/js/scripts.min.js


  • (storagePid) Pids of storages containing terms
  • (listPage) PageId of the listpage plugin
  • (detailPage) PageId of the detailpage plugin (parser will link to this)
  • Otherwise if tooltips are turned on the link will be an anchor
  • (parsingPids) Set the pageIds which should be parsed for terms (0 for all)
  • (parsingPidsExcludePidList) Set the pageIds which should “not” be parsed for terms (0 for none)
  • (maxReplacementPerPage) Configure the max replacement for each terms
  • (maxReplacementPerPageRespectSynonyms) Respect the synonyms when counting the replacements
  • (parsingTags) The tags whish should be parsed for terms
  • (forbiddenParentTags) The tags which are not allowed as a parent for a parsingTag
  • (disableParser) Disables the term parser
  • (parseSynonyms) Enables the parsing of synonyms, default is on
  • (listmode) Sets the listmode for the plugin
  • Normal: lists all terms in alphabetical order
  • Character: lists all terms grouped by their beginning characters
  • Pagination: lists terms by characters with a pagination
  • You can override the characters in TypoScript used in the pagination (see example).
  • Hint: if you want to add umlauts to the pagination you have to check the terms table collation.
    • Normal utf8 will not differ between Ä and A, you have to use “utf8_german2_ci” which would make a difference
    • You could change the ‘name’ column collation and add Ä,Ö,Ü to the comma list over typoscript (see example)
    • See MySQL reference for more info
  • Link configuration:
  • The generated Link is whole configurable over TypoScript (see example).

##Example TypoScript Configuration

plugin.tx_dpnglossary {
    settings {
        pagination {
            characters = A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z
            insertAbove = 1
            insertBelow = 0

        termWraps = CASE
        termWraps {
            key.field = term_type
            default = TEXT
            default {
                field = name
                dataWrap = |
                typolink {
                    ATagParams.dataWrap = title="{field:tooltiptext}" class="dpnglossary link"
                    ATagParams.dataWrap {
                        override = title="{field:name}" class="dpnglossary link"
                        override.if.isFalse.data = field:tooltiptext
                    useCacheHash = 1
            abbreviation {
                dataWrap = <abbr title="{field:tooltiptext}" lang="{field:term_lang}">|</abbr>
                dataWrap {
                    override = <abbr title="{field:name}" lang="{field:term_lang}">|</abbr>
                    override.if.isFalse.data = field:tooltiptext
            acronym {
                dataWrap = <acronym title="{field:tooltiptext}" lang="{field:term_lang}">|</acronym>
                dataWrap {
                    override = <acronym title="{field:name}" lang="{field:term_lang}">|</acronym>
                    override.if.isFalse.data = field:tooltiptext
            definition {
                dataWrap = <dfn title="{field:tooltiptext}" lang="{field:term_lang}">|</dfn>
                dataWrap {
                    override = <dfn title="{field:name}" lang="{field:term_lang}">|</dfn>
                    override.if.isFalse.data = field:tooltiptext

##RealURL Configuration

The configuration for realUrl is now integrated into the localconf. If you want to use it set the list & detailpage in your RealUrl configuration. - Add the id of your list & detailpage as the key (see example below).

'fixedPostVars' => array(
    'LISTPAGEUID' => 'dpn_glossary_list_RealUrlConfig',
    'DETAILPAGEUID' => 'dpn_glossary_detail_RealUrlConfig',