Table of Contents

What does it do?

This extension provides lots of possibilities to hide and show contents based on the existence or values of cookies. On board is a frontend plugin to display “cookie-banners” as well as a configurable API to manage cookies for PHP, JavaScript and CSS.


  1. Frontend plugin to display “cookie-banners”. It shows a message as long as the message is not aknowledged (by clicking the accept-button).

    Cookie banner plugin preview

    Cookie banner plugin preview

  2. An API for PHP and JavaScript to manage cookies. A “CSS-API” to show and hide contents by just using CSS classes (based on the existence or absence of a cookie).

  3. A convenient backend module to give backend users the possiblity to manage the cookie-banner contents as well as some configuration options.

  4. Lots of configuration possibilities.

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Thanks to the Agentur am Wasser, our company, for giving us the possibility to realize this extension and share it with the TYPO3 community.