Apache Solr for TYPO3 - Tika Addon version 11.0.1 released

This release is relevant for Apache Solr Cell/server users only. To be able to use Apache Solr server as extractor, the EXT:solr v11.5.1+ is required as well.


  • [BUGFIX] Use always string instead of null in all trim() calls ef2028b

  • [BUGFIX] Cast port to int for Solr connection e4f062e

  • [TASK] Fix TYPO3 coding standards issues after upgrade to v0.5.5 cd010f3

  • [TASK] Remove strict_type from ext_emconf to be able to publish in TER 94803dc

Apache Solr for TYPO3 - Tika Addon version 11.0.0 released

We are happy to announce version 11.0.0 of EXT:tika.

Important: This version is compatible with 11 LTS only.

New in this Release

  • [TASK] Prepare releases for TYPO3 11 LTS 910681d

  • [TASK] Fix issues recognized by scrutinizer 24aa731

  • [FEATURE] Allow definition of additional Java command options 2420888

  • [BUGFIX] Handle custom java command options for server module as well 1ec312e

  • [TASK] Let php-cs-fixer fix some CGL 38ca19b

  • [TASK] Move ext icon 4cffbd7

  • [BUGFIX] Force variable as string f763ebb

  • [TASK] Allow installation of 11.5 897b12c

  • [BUGFIX] Use correct controller code 5c8976c

  • [TASK] update ci pipeline eaad00e

  • [TASK] TYPO3 11 LTS and PHP 8.1 compatibility ed160cd

  • [TASK] Fix scrutinizer issues on release-11.0.x d0d9439

  • [TASK] Update Apache TIKA to v1.27 on release-11.0.x 24f2929

git rev-list --reverse --no-commit-header --format="format:- %s %h" 910681daf3fb812cb7447d89ac85c6841a8495d5^..HEAD


  • Elias Häußler

  • Georg Ringer

  • Rafael Kähm

  • Roman Schilter

Thanks to everyone who helped in creating this release!

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