Apache Solr for TYPO3 - Tika Addon version 3.0.0 released

We are happy to announce version 3.0.0 of EXT:tika.

New in this Release

This release contains only a few features and bugfixes

Compatibility for EXT:solr 8.0.0

There where several changes in EXT:solr 8.0.0 that requires adaptions in EXT:tika:

  • The ExtractionQuery was moved into “DomainSearchQuery”
  • Usage of TYPO3_user_agent constant is deprecated
  • Solr Service was splitted into read and write services

https://github.com/TYPO3-Solr/ext-tika/pull/83 https://github.com/TYPO3-Solr/ext-tika/pull/82

Add size limit for extracted files

By now EXT:tika tried to extract the content of a file no matter how big it was. For very large files this could lead to errors and it was not possible to exclude them.

Now you can configure a limit in the extension configuration (fileSizeLimit). Above this limit a file will not we used for extraction.

By default the limit is 500 MB

Thanks: Thanks to SYZYGY for sponsoring this feature!



Thanks to all contributors

(patches, comments, bug reports, reviews, … in alphabetical order)

  • Rafael Kähm
  • Timo Hund

Also a big thanks to our partners that have joined the EB2018 program:

  • Albervanderveen
  • Amedick & Sommer
  • bgm Websolutions GmbH
  • Citkomm services GmbH
  • Consulting Piezunka und Schamoni - Information Technologies GmbH
  • Cows Online GmbH
  • food media Frank Wörner
  • FTI Touristik GmbH
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  • Hochschule Furtwangen
  • JUNGMUT Communications GmbH
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  • Mercedes AMG GmbH
  • Petz & Co
  • Pluswerk AG
  • ressourcenmangel an der panke GmbH
  • Site’nGo
  • Studio B12 GmbH
  • systime
  • Talleux & Zöllner GbR
  • TWT Interactive GmbH

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Thanks to everyone who helped in creating this release!

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