Privacy Policy

The backend module of DCE may contain an image which is located on my server. It shows the user if there is a new DCE version available.

It passes:

  • the TYPO3 version
  • the DCE version
  • and the backend language

Based on these informations I’m able to say: “Yes, a new version is available, but not for your TYPO3 version.”. These values are passed completely anonymously and help me to improve the extension.

Because I have the data I am also able to get statistics. Like: Which TYPO3 version is used most often? I’m going to publish some interesting graphs based on these data on the Facebook page of DCE extension.

Since version 0.11.5 this option is disabled by default!

Enable the update check

In the extension settings of DCE you are able to enable the check of new versions of DCE. Then the image will be embedded and the mentioned data will be passed.