With campus_events_connector, you have the ability to import all events via cron-jobs from the CampusEventsAPI in your TYPO3 System as independent records, as well as documents and images.

Possibilities of configuration: - API-URL - API-Key - PageID for the imported records - Folder for the imported documents and images


  • TYPO3 Extension campus_events_convert2news => EXT:news

Converts the imported records into target extensions records. The Conversation is defined in a configuration record in the respective target folder of the import. In the future, there will be a filter/limitation feature. You can define the position on which the content is displayed, by Fluid-Templates. TYPO3 Admins can overwrite the Fluid-Templates.


This extension allows the individual display of the imported records. All files can be accessed. Currently there is only a list view (detail view is untested), which redirects directly to Campus-Events. In the future you can adjust the display of the view with Fluid-Templates.